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What's HD?

 HD  means  High  Definition.  Lo-tac / sticky,  totally flexible SEMI reusable semi-transparent film mask - a real innovation when it comes to painting camo and precise grid type designs on your  models. Plus skulls, flames, drips, scales and sooo much more! 

2 x A5 sheets per pack

Price is around £9 per pack, available on our Webstore 

Great care is taken to process your order accurately and promptly and only top quality packaging materials are used to ensure your order reaches you in perfect condition

Why we made 'em?

Remember the days when painting a camouflage or a mesh design on your models was a real pain in the butt - you'd always sneeze, or fall asleep at that critical moment and it was virtually impossible to get good results unless you had yonks of time and a very high level of painting skill....

Enter Anarchy High Definition 'HD Stencils' 

Well, here's the good news: Anarchy HD Stencils just made the impossible possible. The HD range is made from an ultra thin, fully flexible, slightly stretchy low-tac mask which allows you to apply precise detail to curved and 3D areas of your models with unbelievably awesome results.  The flexibility of the stencil means that you can bend paint around corners - It's not quite as cool as bending air, but we think it comes pretty close.

The HD range are sold as 'semi-re-usable' - This means care has to be taken when applying and removing them but most people get quite a few uses out of the same piece of mask. In one experiment a customer told us he got over 30 uses out of one WW2 Star. Grid / mesh designs will probably be considerably less than this due to their fragile construction.

HD Stencils were launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and to be honest we were wowed by the response from the public. The campaign ended at 15 times our target!  Although the Kickstarter project has now ended you can still view most of the designs on our Kickstarter campaign page, plus video tutorials.  We don't just want you to buy our stuff - we want to help you use it :)  There are also pics of the range in our gallery, including some customer's pics so you can see what mere mortals can accomplish with our stuff! Send your completed project pics to us too!

What's HS? 

HS means High Speed. Non-sticky, semi flexible, FULLY reusable,semi transparent, washable sheet stencil - great where speed is of the essence and where a slightly less sharp effect is required. Great for painting both models and terrain in super quick time!

Sizes vary, as noted on each design

WAVE 1 of our HS Stencil range is now on sale to the public. Prices depend on size and complexity of stencil. 

 Hop over to the webstore to view the complete range. We ship worldwide with flat rate shipping :)

Why a second range? 

Lets face it, the trouble with using a stencil is getting it in the right place. With our flexible, semi-transparent HS range you can see exactly what you are doing and get the effect you want in super-quick time.  So now you can ditch that story about your little brother painting your models while you were out..... 

Just grab some Anarchy High Speed 'HS Stencils'

 Feedback from our customers told us that although they were 100% happy with their HD 'sticky' Stencils, there was a gap in the market for a non-sticky, flexible, semi transparent stencil which could be used over and over again and didn't need to be carefully stuck onto the model. For instance, where a softer edge was required or a large area of terrain was being painted.  After months of testing with various materials we came up with the perfect material and HS Stencils were born

The HS Range are fully reusable  you can use a bit of masking tape to fix them in place, or just hold them over the area where you want to apply detail After use,  just clean them off with airbrush cleaner, suitable for the paint you have used. The asking price for these is higher than the HD range, but you're going to have them for a lot longer, so you'll get your money's worth ;)

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